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Monday, 22 June 2015 21:11

Saddle Up, Stetsons On - Los Pacaminos Review

Mix together one large shot of Tequila add a touch of Paul Young & top with some embroidered Cowboy Boots and you have the perfect cocktail for a great night out.

Los Pacaminos certainly didn’t disappoint. This vibrant musical talent brought humour and toe tapping Tex Mex music to the Ropetackle Centre in Shoreham.

You may be forgiven for thinking that Paul was the sole focus of the audience but you los pacaminos would be wrong. Undoubtedly there were many fans of his in the audience, his reputation as a recording artist and 80's icon precedes him, but it was an eclectic mix in the crowd.

The cowboy shirts gave away many of the people who had seen Los Pacaminos before but equally there were those in the audience (including us) that had not seen the band before so had no preconceptions as to what to expect.

From the get go you could tell it was going to be a night where it would be impossible to sit still for long and not be absorbed into the music. For any Paul Young fans this is a very different but equally exciting side to his musical talent. Full credit should go to Los Pacaminos for creating songs and a set where it genuinely didn’t matter if you had not heard the tracks before, it never felt that you were listening for a first time. Each are consummate musicians and Drew Barfield’s rendition of ‘Belle’ was definitely a personal favourite of the evening.

It is also clear that the band have a passion for what they are doing and enjoy the buzz that only comes from performing in more intimate venues. The close interaction between musician and audience is what transforms a night – it unites both in that moment.

Los Pacaminos - Here’s hoping it's not too long before they pay Sussex a visit again and that Paul will also bring a future solo tour to Brighton.

If you manage to catch Los Pacaminos on their current tour what you will come away with is not only the song ‘Tequila’ repeating itself automatically on involuntary shuffle in your head but the feeling that you have been part of an amazing night’s entertainment. Enjoy.

Review by Sussex What's On - November 18th 2015


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